They have a number of employees

Howarth Litchfield Architect is in charge of providing architecture and design management for its clients. The firm is based in Castleford, which is in the heart of the Yorkshire region.

They build a wide range of properties. Apartments, flats and houses are the types of properties that Howarth Litchfield Architects build.

They can construct homes of all sizes. They work with both private individuals and businesses. Clients can either hire their Howarth Litchfield services or use their services for free. They offer consultancy and design services for new buildings and developments.

The firm has been in existence since 1987. They have a number of employees. Howarth Litchfield Architects is a big firm.

It employs over 50 people. The firm has grown into a leading firm of architects. They are involved in lots of different projects in the Yorkshire region.

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