The latex can be applied directly over a cut

A finger cover is used to protect fingers from scratches and cuts. Most finger covers are made from latex and come in different sizes. The latex can be applied directly over a cut or wound on the skin of a finger.

You can also use a bandage that has been dipped in alcohol. The best thing about using a finger cover is that it won’t leave any marks on the finger. There are different types of finger covers available on the market.

One example is a foam finger cot. These are usually made of vinyl and are used to protect fingers from scratches. You should make sure that you apply the finger hat cover with enough pressure so that it does not cause pain or bleeding.

Don’t forget to remove the finger cover if you do not intend to put it back on your finger. Be careful not to lose the finger cover while you are playing sports or practicing a musical instrument. You may use one finger cover for a month and then switch to another one.

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