The Best CBSE High Schools in Pune

It is in fact very tough to choose the top CBSE schools in Hadapsar, Pune, for your child. Additionally, it is one of the most important choices a student will ever make because it determines how their academic career will begin and how they will advance to a successful professional career. 

The child’s professional trajectory is significantly influenced by the school they attend. The academic programmes that the school offers, the location, the cost, the interactive environment, the resources available, the school’s performance, and the assessment procedure are a few fundamental factors to take into account. 

Above all, it’s crucial to know whether a school can meet your child’s individual needs. Every child has different needs, and high schools in Pune are the finest location for them to develop the wings to fly in all or any direction. 

People now favour international schools over national high schools in Pune since the learning spectrum is wider. A learner can select from a wide range of possibilities while also improving their understanding of the world. Therefore, you must adhere to these requirements if you’re looking for top CBSE schools in Hadapsar that also offer an international curriculum.

Top CBSE schools in Hadapsar that also offer an international curriculum

1. Features and Facilities Offered

The administrative team worked tirelessly to meet the various needs of the many students. It offers the most sought-after course, the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Students of all ages can also choose from the CBSE curriculum in addition to that. The top CBSE schools for kids in kindergarten through high school are listed below.

2. Languages Involved

The school’s main emphasis extends beyond only teaching two languages. The youngsters benefit from this since they get to study new languages every day. The only goal is to improve worldwide connectedness, which is essential for establishing a successful future career. In this Pune high school, parents can select multilingual courses for their children.

3. Scholarships available

The best schools hold the view that no deserving student should be left behind due to a lack of resources. As a result, they provide scholarships for students in grades 1 through 12. The scholarships are available to all deserving students and are based on co-curricular and academic achievements. 

The scholarship pays for about 80% of the cost of attending the school. Additionally, our school provides scholarships based on evaluations of the students and early evaluations of both academic and extracurricular activities.

4. Embracing and Using Technological Development

In this digital age, it is crucial for students to keep up with the latest technological advancements. The top school has integrated technology into regular classroom instruction for all students. They have both online and offline teaching curriculum as well as smart campuses. 

Every classroom has a television channel and students have access to iPads, allowing them to learn visually.

5. Classroom Organization and Layout

The top schools have a policy of implementing smaller classes with a minimum number of pupils so that all needs are satisfied and all opinions are heard. Additionally, the student-teacher ratio is kept low so that teachers can carefully notice each student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The authorities are of the opinion that giving each pupil individual attention can enhance both their performance and overall growth. 

6. Having connections everywhere in the world

The finest school has outstanding faculty, personnel, and technical resources. Here, a child can maintain global connections, which opens up prospects. They have access to cutting-edge technology, fast internet, and methodological education. Therefore, GIIS is unquestionably among the top CBSE schools.

7. Student Exposure to the World

Additionally, the applicants for admission come from different corners of the world with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is a really good opportunity for any child to comprehend the cultural diversity around them and enhance their social skills. Additionally, it gives kids a distant assignment to comprehend the morals and values upheld in other cultures.

8. Reasonable prices

In recognition of the financial turmoil brought on by the epidemic, the top school has kept tuition costs low. Additionally, they are providing early admission discounts. Special attention is given to students who require unique learning enhancements, and this service is covered by academic fees.

9. Eco-friendly Learning Environment

The top schools play a part in preserving nature and protecting the environment because they recognise the benefits of having green campuses. They have created classrooms that are environmentally friendly. Every student is encouraged to adopt environmentally conscious conduct. 

The goal of the entire policy is to prepare students for future obligations to society and the environment.

10. Student Protection

The authorities genuinely worry about the pupils’ welfare and security. As one of the forward-thinking CBSE schools in Hadapsar, they make sure there are no interruptions and work to meet the children’s ongoing and daily safety needs.


The top high school in Pune is all about cutting-edge concepts and methodical planning so that a kid can handle any challenges in the future. They have established standards in the global community, and as a forward-thinking organisation, they have equipped themselves to handle even pandemic situations. 

Choosing the best school has several advantages, like virtual classrooms, students from all over the country, certificate programmes, and much more. This makes the Hadapsar CBSE School in Pune stand out from the competition. 

The top high school in Pune has an advanced campus with interactive features that help students and parents connect with academic institutions abroad. The school is emphasised since it maintained its educational programme throughout the pandemic.

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