Interesting Facts About Organic Products

Traditional farming methods that include pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemicals are dominating our food industry. Undeniably, it is popular but it is bringing lots of damage to our health and nature. However, organic farming is also gaining popularity these days. It is the best alternative to traditional methods and a safer option. The benefits include the removal of excess CO2, maintaining soil fertility, and helping us stay fit. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are now buy organic vegetables in Gurgaon, fruits, and other products.

But do you know organic foods come with so many interesting facts? Below, we have listed a few here. Take a look:

Organically grown food can improve your health

Numerous studies have been done to find out the health effects of organic items. Research has been done in France, it was found that people who eat organic veggies, fruits, and other items were less likely to be hit by heart diseases, high BP, and diabetes.

In another study, the results show that organic foods can reduce the risk of various cancers by 25%. Several studies have also taken place where it was found that organic foods such as veggies, fruits, eggs, herbs, milk, etc. contain higher nutritional values.

  • Organic foods do not include harmful chemicals

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit group released a report a few years back. The report shows that over 2000 different types of chemicals are used in conventional food as additives. However, these chemicals are also associated with high risks of various chronic diseases such as cancer, hormone disruption, brain damage, inflammation, gout, kidney stones, digestive issues, and so on.

But when you use organic veggies and other items, you can prevent all these health problems. Do you know why? It is because organic products do not include any bug killers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. You can buy organic vegetables in Gurgaon and see the difference.

  • Organic farming is good for environment

If you think that the benefits of organic foods are only limited to our health, then you are wrong. We are saying this because it offers equal benefits to our environment too. Organic farming does not use toxin pesticides, chemical-based fertilizers, and bug killers. All these elements are the main reasons for polluting water, air, and soil. 

Instead of these, organic farmers allow the crop grows in its natural form. This way soil can become healthier and produce will be richer in nutritional value. In addition to this, organic crops are responsible for absorbing more CO2 from the environment and releasing O2. Simply put, organic farming is 10/10.

  • Organic farming is good for creating healthier communities

Growing and raising crops through organic farming methods require more labor than conventional ones. It is believed that a conventional farm can provide support to one family only. But one organic farm can support up to 5 families at one point.

Apart from this, organically grown vegetables, fruits, and other products can create a healthy community. How? Well! By reading the benefits that we have described above, you must have got an idea about the positive effects of organic foods on our health. And when everyone starts consuming organic foods, the cases of chronic health diseases will significantly be reduced.

The bottom line

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