How to Turn Old Oil Into New Oil?

Share with everyone the method of turning old oil into new oil. With only 2 simple tricks, the residue, foreign matter, and peculiar smell in the old oil will be completely removed Etoile Discount Code NHS.

It will become transparent, clear, and without any peculiar smell, no matter if you are using it for cold dishes , or making pasta, it is as powerful as new oil. If you want to make your old oil more useful, let’s take a look!


Old oil, starch, green onion, ginger, carrot, water

Heat the old oil over medium heat first

First pour all the old oil into the pot. At this time, you can see that there are a lot of black substances in the pot, and the color of the oil is slightly turbid, and the transparency is not very high. Let’s heat it on medium heat first.

water-adjusting starch

When the oil is heating, let’s adjust the water starch: put two tablespoons of starch in a bowl, then add half a bowl of water and stir well, and stir until it is slightly thinner than ordinary yogurt.

Reach the oil temperature and pour in the water starch step by step

Heat the oil to 40% heat, that is, put the chopsticks in the state where it can bubble quickly. The oil temperature must not be too high, because the secondary heating will produce harmful substances if the temperature is too high.

So the oil temperature reaches 4 When it is hot, turn the fire to a low heat, then pour the water starch into the oil pan three times, each time you have to wait until all the water starch from the previous time floats up, and then add the next water starch.

Water starch

Water starch has a very strong adsorption effect. After adding water starch to the oil pan, it will absorb all the impurities in the pan, so that the oil will become very clear. After the crackling sound in the oil pan gradually disappeared, we took out the water starch and poured it out.

Add vegetables to remove odor

Cut half a green onion into sections, cut peeled ginger into 4-5 pieces, cut half a carrot into pieces, put them into the oil pan together, and continue frying slowly over low heat. These three ingredients can effectively help the old oil remove the smell.

Serve out the vegetables

Fry until the edges of the scallions start to burn, and then you can take them out. Don’t fry them for too long, because if the time is too long, the smell of the scallions will remain in the oil pan, and it will become scallion oil. , the taste can never go away Moroccanoil Discount Code NHS 


Finally, filter the oil out and let it cool down.


After the completion, we can take a look. After the water starch adsorption residue and the onion, ginger, and carrot remove the peculiar smell, the edible oil has become very clear and transparent, and the color has returned to a golden state, and there is no black substance in the oil. No smell, very clean.


Avoid burns during heating

What is the oil and how to do it

Many friends are asking what kind of oil is Mingyou? Today I will give you a simple answer to what is clear oil and what is clear oil made of? Interested friends can find out

  • cooking oil
  • Onion, ginger, pepper, star anise, bay leaf, onion, etc.

what is clear oil

In fact, Ming oil is also called tail oil. It is the fat that is poured in according to the specific conditions of the finished dishes after the dishes are cooked and thickened, such as chicken oil, ginger and scallion oil, sesame oil, garlic oil, pickled pepper oil, etc.

The process of pouring the tail oil is also called oil pouring, wrapping the tail oil, whipping oil or batching oil in the catering industry.

It is mainly for the bright color and good-looking color of the dishes after they are cooked, and it can also increase the aroma and taste of the dishes

How to do Mingyou

  1. Heat the frying pan and pour in cooking oil.
  2. When the oil is 50% hot, add scallion, ginger slices, Chinese prickly ash, star anise, bay leaves, onions, etc., and fry until fragrant. After the scallion, ginger and onion are all fried, take out the seasoning

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How to turn used oil into new oil

Next, I will tell you how the used oil turns into new oil, come with me.


  1. Sliced ginger or garlic. Put a few slices of ginger or garlic in the frying process, if you don’t want the taste of ginger in the food
  2. You can add ginger slices to the remaining oil, cook on low heat for 30 seconds and then turn off the fire to easily remove the fishy smell from the old oil
  3. flour. After heating the remaining oil, sprinkle an appropriate amount of flour, let the flour slowly absorb the impurities in the remaining oil, and gradually sink to the bottom, wait for the oil to cool, and filter out the residue with a filter.
  4. Radish slices. After cutting the radish into thick slices, poke a lot of small holes with a toothpick, fry in the remaining oil for 1-2 minutes on low heat, remove the radish slices, and repeat several times until the remaining oil becomes clear, which is very practical.
  5. Well, the topic discussed today is how to turn old fried oil into new oil. If you have different opinions or better tricks, please leave a comment below!

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