How to Draw A Sun and A Moon Easily

How to Draw A Sun and A Moon. We all know the sun and moon as they mark the beginning and end of each day.

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Because they are so prominent, both appear in many different works of art and depictions, and a popular theme is to incorporate both in the same form.

This classic technique can be fun to complete, so a guide to drawing the sun and moon is essential for this activity. If you want to create your sun and moon artwork, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Draw A Sun and A Moon

Step 1

.In this guide to drawing a sun and moon, we’ll start with two circles. When drawing a circle, it can be almost impossible to freehand draw a perfect circle, but luckily, you can use some tools to make the job easier for you.

The best thing you can use is a drawing compass, and these are great because they’re not expensive to come by and make picture circles with a pen or pencil on a picnic!

If you have a compass, shorten your pen or pencil over it, then use the sharp pinpoint to draw the outer ring.

You can complete it as big or little as you like, but leave just a little room on the outside edges for the extensions we’ll draw next. Then use the compass to draw another circle inside the first one, and it will be close enough to the outline.

If you don’t have a compass, do your best to draw it freehand or circumnavigate some round objects. However you do it, you are now ready for step 2!

Step 2

For this second phase of your drawing of the sun and moon, having a ruler handy will be much easier, as you will add many straight lines.

We will draw many pointed shapes on top of the sun for this part.

The sun’s rays will be the same distance since we will draw more shapes between them in one of the next steps.

Do your best to space out these spiky shapes as they appear in the reference image, and if you can keep the spacing between them even then, that would be perfect!

Step 3

Now that you’ve added the pointed shapes to your image, in this step of our how-to draw a sun and moon guide, we’ll add some wavy shapes in between. Just use wavy lines to create curved shapes that end in sharp points.

After drawing them as they look in our reference image, let’s add some details.

Use the ruler to add a line down the center of each square or pointed shape, and then draw freehand to add a line down the seat of each wavy condition.

Step 4

The outline of your sun and moon illustration is done, so let’s add some facial details to the image.

We’ll start with the eyes, which you can draw using two round shapes with dots on each side.

Next, draw a circle in the eyes with a black dot in each one. Once you’ve drawn the eyes, you can add eyebrows over them.

To draw them, we’ll use long, thin, rounded shapes on the inner edge. So in the next step, we have to add a few final details before colorizing your image!

Step 5

Before we add some colors to your picture, let’s complete the face in this step of our guide to drawing the sun and moon.

This is also where we finish the half-sun and crescent-moon effects. First, draw a curved line from the top of the sundown, then pin it in a nose.

Then continue the stripe from underneath the nose to the lower part of the face. Finally, you can draw a smiling mouth on both the sun and moon sides.

With these details drawn, you have completed all the steps in this guide! However, you can wait to proceed because you can draw some background elements or additional details.

Now that you’ve completed the drawing, there’s a lot you can do to get creative with it. We can’t stay to see what you do to add your touch to the image.

Step 6

This is the final phase of your sun and moon illustration, and you’ll get some great colors from it!

The colors add to the impact of the image, and we used some nice shades of blue and yellow in our reference image. Blue symbolizes the more relaxed side of the moon, while yellow is comfortable and warm for the sun.

You can choose these colors or try some variations, but you can also use some unique colors!

Your Sun and Moon Drawing is Finished!

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