How much does it cost to buy a Burnley?

A person who buys a Burnley football team doesn’t usually make a lot of money on the deal. The American consortium ALK Capital paid £170milion to buy Burnley two years ago in a highly leveraged takeover largely funded by debt and the club’s own money, but the authorities have since received information suggesting that the ultimate owners could be another financial entity based in Jersey. There have been reports that the owners have already spent more than £100milion in houses for sale burnley improving the squad. There are no records available for the financial statement of Burnley Football Club, the owner of the club. The last one was filed a year ago, when the owners said they would invest more than £100milion on improvements in the club. However, with the club still not making a profit and the owners having borrowed a lot of money from banks to pay the bills, there is a strong possibility that this may not happen. In fact, the owners may have to sell the team. If they sell the team, they won’t be able to afford to pay for the debts of the club. If the fans don’t like this, they may be forced to leave the club.

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