Do You Want To Try The OD Green Pen?

Only a writer knows the importance of a good pen. Does your pen give you a tough time while taking notes?  Do you feel uncomfortable holding it due to its weight? Are you tired of finding the specific refill cartridge for your pen because no ordinary one fits in it?

Then we have one solution to all of your problems in the form of our new Super OD Green pen. Let’s have an overview of the specifics of OD green in this article.

What Color is OD Green?

As its name implies, OD green has a beautiful matte green color that can blend well with your military uniform. Not only does it match your shirt, but it is also crafted to be rough and tough like you. Step up your tactical advantage with our new handsomely minimalistic yet rugged Super Matte OD Grafton Pen.

The OD Greens are part of our new line of matte Graftons with an enhanced protective coating. The coating produces rich exterior hues and textures. You are going to love this pen, as it has everything you look for in an ideal pen.

OD Green Speciality

  1. It has an attractive matte green color and a textured matte feel.
  2. The pen has a protective coating that enhances its mechanical durability.
  3. It has a heavily grooved grip achieved through deeper machining and a sturdy bolted clip that keeps it secure and accessible.
  4. It has the option of refilling and can take the refill cartridges of Bic Gel, Uniball, Jetstream, Pilot G2, Fisher Space Pen, Monteverde Ballpoint, Parker Gel, and Ballpoint.

Why Should I Choose Matte Green?

OD Green has all the traits of an ideal writer. Whenever we choose a pen, we usually look for certain characteristics in it:

  • Finish: A pen serves not only the purpose of writing but is also a symbol reflecting your style and class. That’s why the first thing that we look at in a pen is its fine finish and attractive appearance. Our OD Green meets the criteria very well, having an excellent finish with an enhanced protective coating.
  • Feel: A pen is more than its appearance. The real job of a pen is to write, and for that, you have to hold it for quite some time. If it’s not light, your hand may ache while holding it. We have created our matte green, keeping this in mind. That’s why it has an ideal weight that makes its holding very comfortable.
  • Balance: A pen needs to be perfectly balanced, neither heavy at the head nor tail. That’s how our OD green is crafted. It is equally balanced at both ends, which makes its holding easier.
  • Grip: The grip of a pen should facilitate its holding comfortably. Too slippery pens are difficult to hold. Our matte green is heavily grooved with deeper machining to improve its grip.
  • Writing: Here comes the main job of a pen: to write. An ideal pen writes smoothly with no scratching or dragging. Our OD green meets these criteria very well too, with its fluent writing.

If you are looking for an amazing pen having an attractive appearance, a fine finish, an excellent grip, an ideal weight, and fluent writing, go for our matte green. You won’t find such a wonderful pen that matches so well with your military uniform, having a matte green color. Also, once bought, you can get the most out of it by refilling its cartridges with several other gel pens in the Grafton series. Buy OD Green and enjoy its company for a long time. Happy writing!

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