Anesket in the vein of your arm

Injection is the most commonly used method for administering Anesket to treat low white blood cell counts. You will receive an injection of Anesket in the vein of your arm. Anesthetist will give you the dosage instructions along with the rest of the information for the injection.

Anesket should only be given by anesthesiologist or a physician that has special training in giving injections. You will not require an anesthetic to give this injection.

Before you take this injection, you must tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions. This includes your allergies to medications. Tell him about all medications Anesket that you are taking. If you’re allergic to any medications, make sure that he knows about that.

Make sure that you read the information on the back of the box that came with the medication. He will also ask you questions to make sure that you understand what the medication is for and how it works. It’s important that you follow his instructions carefully.

It’s also very important that you get your next dose as soon as your doctor tells you to. The time that it takes to dissolve the drug will depend on how much of the drug is left in the vial. You must get the next dose of Anesket as soon as possible.

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