7 tips on how to make money on Instagram

The frequent presence of people and companies on social networks raised doubt in many people’s minds. ( buymalaysianfollowers ) how to make money on Instagram and other social media, taking advantage of the popularity of these channels to generate more financial income.

There are several financial income opportunities, from extra money for those who already have a primary job, offering to provide services related to the social media profession or content creator, to the use for exclusive dissemination of info products (digital products).

In this article, we will show you some ways to earn money on Instagram and what it takes to invest in the one that best suits your performance profile and goals.

Select the business account to get started.

Before any sales action, to know how to make money on Instagram, your account must be a commercial one, that is, a business account.  

With a business account, the user can access insights, which are very important to evaluate the profile’s growth and engagement metrics and ensure you’re on the right path to making money on Instagram. Additionally, business accounts give you access to the social network’s business tools, such as Instagram Ads and Instagram Shopping.

If your Instagram account is not yet a business one, follow this step-by-step:

  • Open your profile;
  • Click Account;
  • Select the option Switch to professional account;
  • Choose a category for your profile (you can choose whether or not to show the class on your profile afterward);

Choose your contact options to be visible on the profile (if you want) and whether or not to connect to a Facebook page.

If you choose not to connect to Facebook, Instagram will create an ownerless page. ( buymalaysianfollowers ) However, remember that the ideal is to create a business page on Facebook on your own, well organized and under your control.

How many followers do you need to earn money on Instagram?

To make some income on Instagram, you will first need to have thousands of followers on your profile, which is quite relative. The primary item that will help you learn how to make money on Instagram is not the number of followers, but the actual relationship with them, resulting from your published content. 

It is preferable to have fewer followers and great engagement that generates interactions, organic awareness, and sales conversions than numerous “ghost” followers who do not consume your content. 

This is why automation tools or buying followers need to be better-regarded practices. In addition to the risk of having the profile banned by Instagram, the account would not have positive results with this practice since these followers are not valid. That is, they are not people interested in your content.

How to earn money on Instagram

With the account set up correctly to facilitate your future sales, it’s time to check out 7 ways to make money on Instagram.( buymalaysianfollowers )

1. Be a digital influencer

The term “digital influencers” was created to define people who manage to use their influence on social networks to capitalize, closing partnerships with brands to advertise and indicate products and services by similar values, editorial lines, and defended flags.

As we said, it is necessary to have a lot of followers to be considered an influencer and earn money from it. Even brands prefer to close partnerships with so-called micro-influencers, as they have a more specific audience, a segmented theme.

2. Participate in an affiliation program

Affiliate commerce is a business trend that has been growing in recent years. It would be to resell products from other people or companies virtually, receiving a commission for each product or service sold.

Instagram was keen to take advantage of the trend to add a similar feature by launching its affiliate program as another monetization possibility within the social network. The idea is that users have resale space to recommend third-party products to their followers, earning a commission on sales made directly through their profile.

3. Create a business account to promote your business

Instagram doesn’t have to be your primary business but can be your biggest ally and communication channel to generate more sales. 

Any business today that wants to attract more customers and expand its results needs to invest in social networks to publicize its products or services and create a more solid relationship with consumers. 

And Instagram is a great social network to achieve this since, besides having more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and 110 million in Brazil alone, it also offers several resources that can help you commercially, the main one being Instagram Shopping.

If you want to know how to start an Instagram business from scratch, check out our free material on creating an Instagram for business. You’ll learn to make money on Instagram by building a profile with strategic information and content.buy instagram followers malaysia

4. Using Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a tool that will transform your Instagram into an actual store with a catalog, labeled products, and direct links to your sales channel, making closing deals a lot easier. 

This feature is a great option to shorten the buying journey between consumers and your products, making it easier to promote what you offer. It is also advantageous when creating content about what you sell since you can apply your products in real-life situations; show testimonials; show people using them; and tag the item mentioned in those posts.

5. Use a link in the Instagram bio

If you sell through a website and want to make it easier for users to convert to purchases, using a link in the Instagram bio will also shorten this purchase journey. 

If you have more than one URL to share or want to highlight the direct link to products, collections, or promotions, use a link aggregator to gather them all in one place. We recommend Linklist, Postgrain’s link aggregator, which offers a free and customizable plan to share your main sales links and leave the page with your face.how to buy instagram followers malaysia

6. Work as Social Media

Faced with the need for brands to have a solid digital presence through social networks, the market for social media professionals is constantly growing, and there are plenty of job opportunities.

The functions of social media can be many, but, in short, this is the professional who will manage the social networks of a business or individual professionally, applying technical knowledge of marketing and sales to boost profile growth and generate good results. 

Take advantage of the high demand for this type of professional and invest in the area, seeking knowledge about social networks, digital marketing, opportunities in this market, and the day-to-day profession. Nowadays, there are many options for paid and free courses and content to help you, as well as tools such as social media managers that can facilitate the work of those who work with multiple clients.

7. Give Instagram consultancy

Suppose you want to avoid working hands-on directly or taking care of several clients’ accounts. In that case, it is possible to use your professional knowledge in social networks to provide consultations. 

Set up courses or consultations on Instagram and sell them to entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone who wants to have the autonomy to manage their social networks professionally. So you don’t have to be responsible for planning, creating, and posting, but you can teach people to do it themselves and strategically to reach your business goals.

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