5 Benefits Of Applying For A Spouse Work Permit

It has become common knowledge that Canada has become somewhat of a haven for all kinds of immigrants. People from all over the world migrate here and the country itself is highly inviting to such immigrants. Family-oriented immigration is strongly encouraged in Canada. Family reunification plays a significant role in this country’s immigration strategy. Students may enter Canada with their spouse, dependent partner, or common-law partner based on this premise. 

A work permit application canada that is open is one that is not position-specific. It permits the employment of your spouse or common-law partner with any employer. It typically lasts for the same amount of time as your study permits if your spouse or partner obtains an open work permit. Your spouse or common-law partner may also require a medical examination in some cases. 

In Canada, foreign nationals can apply for an open work visa while they wait for the outcome of their inland spousal or common-law sponsorship application. Spousal sponsorship is quite popular in this country. Having a spouse can also increase your CRS score. The spouse work permit in Canada is of two types.

  1. Outland Sponsorship:
  • The individual should reside in a nation other than Canada.
  • The processing of the outland sponsorship application takes 8 to 10 months.
  • At this time, you will have to live apart from your spouse or bring them over on a temporary visa.
  1. Inland Sponsorship
  • A visitor visa or a full-time permanent resident visa must be used to enter and remain in Canada.
  • Processing typically takes two to three weeks.
  • While applying, you and your spouse are permitted to live together.

Before understanding the numerous benefits of a spouse work permit in Canada, let us see how one can apply for the work permit. 

-If you are an international student who has completed a program at an institution of higher learning and is eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit

– If you utilized one of Canada’s immigration programs to apply for permanent residence

– If you’re a relative spouse, common-law partner of someone who’s made a permanent residency application

– If you are the spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or an international student

– If you have a valid temporary resident permit

– If you are a refugee, an asylum seeker, a protected individual, or a family member of one of these individuals

– If you are the target of an unlawful removal order

– If you are a young employee participating in a Working Holiday program

– If you are a student who is unable to afford your tuition

Now, let us understand the various benefits of applying for a spouse work permit. The following benefits come with this spouse’s work permit, which you can use to bring your partner to Canada.

  1. IELTS is not necessary: IELTS proficiency is not required for an open work permit for a spouse
  2. A full-time job: Your partner may have a full-time job.
  3. As long as your permit is still valid, stay with your spouse: Your spouse may stay with you if you have a valid work or study visa for Canada.
  4. Work permit extent: If you have a valid study permit, your spouse may extend their visa.
  5. LMIA is not needed: There is no requirement for an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or a job offer at the time of application if your spouse is already in Canada with a valid visa.

As stated above, these are a few of the more popular benefits of acquiring a spouse work permit canada. Spouses from abroad may apply for an open work permit concurrently with their spousal sponsorship application or at any time later. If an applicant’s application for permanent residence has already received preliminary approval, they may submit an online SOWP application.

They can apply once they have received a letter from the IRCC stating that they are eligible for permanent residence in theory but have not yet cleared the background, security, and medical checks. The SOWP may be prolonged if the immigration decision is not made before it expires. To extend their permits, SOWP holders must do so before they expire. 

As explained above, the spousal work permit policy in Canada is very efficient and open to immigrants across the world. Policies such as this extended by the government have made Canada a go-to destination for any kinds of immigrants.

Now, with this work permit, you can take your spouse with you and also avail the numerous benefits that come with the permit as stated above. This allows students to live with their spouses and also maintain a sense of family while they pursue their master’s courses or even work. Canada has numerous policies such as this that are very immigrant-friendly. This permit is just one such example of Canada’s immigration policies and features. 

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